Monday, November 05, 2007

Newly formed FL bellas Oooh la laaaa ride

On October 27th at 7:30am, a few of the newly formed Florida Bellas decided to throw our very first Oh la laaa ride! On the weekends we ride with a bigger group called SBW, but inside this big group we were a little click with a super-secret plan to dress up in fishnet stockings and halloween costumes and show up for a good time 40 mile ride!

Me arriving and getting ready:

Pin the tail on the Maddy! For once I'm trying NOT to poke a fellow teammate!

Candace shows off her bunny tail:

The group! Clockwise: Maddy, Candace, Amy, Amanda!

Angel of Death! Yes yes yes! I'm finally fast!

The ride was AWESOME! Tho I have to note for future rides, we're not going to get full-length fishnets...about 20 miles into the ride OUCH! Those suckers came OFF at the first rest-stop!