Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tennessee Bella Information

Welcome to the Tennessee Bellas!

Tennessee Velo Bella-KONA is the newest state chapter addition to the "Southern Bellas." Started in December of 2005, VB Tennessee now boasts riders and racers of all ages and walks of life – from college students to grandmothers, beginner riders to Velo Bella Pro team members! (Go Natasha!)
We compete in road, mountain, cyclocross, triathlon, and even Ironman events! Our 2006 team included Tennessee Bicycle Racing Association (TBRA) State Champion jersey winners in the Sport 20-29 and 30+ age groups, as well as a 2nd place TBRA and 2nd place Southeastern Regional Championships (SERC) winner in the Expert category.
VB Tennessee hopes that the 2007 season will be bigger and better than ever. We are also planning other events to make a bigger presence in women’s cycling in Tennessee and the Southeastern region.

Still not convinced we are the most exciting thing to happen to women’s cycling in Tennessee?
Here's our Top Ten Reasons to join Velo Bella TN!
1. You can talk to other women about saddle sores (and other unknown rashes) and get REAL information without anyone laughing (because we ALL know that it's just not that funny!).
2. No one will laugh at you if you don't know how to: change a tire, inflate your tire, remove your front wheel.
3. You want another acceptable excuse to wear pink and purple - just like the 80's.
4. You want a chance to have a cocktail at a team meeting... where else can you do that?
5. Your team mates will share their shorts with you when you arrive at your first race "bottomless." (Angie V.!)
6. Your team mates will stick with you during your first race even if it does mean the very back of the pack. (Molly G.!)
7. You don't want a "hammerfest" EVERY time you ride....
8. ...because sometimes it's not how fast you ride but how good you look doing it...and THEN dusting the competition.
9. You always wanted to be in a sorority... except this one does not involve hazing... much.
10. You don't always want to ride with a bunch of guys who shave their legs better than you do.

Local ContactWant to know more about the Tennessee Chapter of Velo Bella? Send us an e-mail or join our YAHOO! message board.

Tennessee Velo Bella-KONA 2007 Events :: Watch for updates here!

Mouse Tail Challenge MTB Race :: April 22 We're co-sponsoring this race with the Jackson Spokes bike club!

:: How to Join Velo Bella Tennessee ::

(1) Visit and click "join this group!"
(2) After you've been accepted, you'll find, in the files section, the Velo Bella Waiver form.
(3) Fill out the waiver, and return to Molly Graves.
(4) Purchase your jersey at


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